Vanir International takes its name from Norse mythology, where the Vanir were the gods of growth, fertility and commerce, and were associated to wisdom and good counsel.

These attributes lie at the heart of Vanir International where our team of consultants is dedicated to helping our clients get the best out of their leadership team.

We know that talent strategy, diversity, and leadership development are not a matter of fashion, but rather key issues for institutional success that have been identified and debated for more than two thousand years. Vanir International recognises and takes the best of that legacy, while keeping our solutions up to date with cutting edge methods.

At Vanir International we consider professional integrity a core value. That is why we have committed our team to follow the Code of Ethics proposed by the Society for Human Resources Management.

Vanir International Foundation

As a company, we believe that our greatest strength lies in creating value for customers, employees and community.

That is why Vanir International is dedicating a part of the annual revenues to the Vanir International Foundation, which is aimed at supporting education and development in Lancashire.


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British Red Cross Appeal

At Vanir International, we support causes such as the efforts of the British Red Cross to cope with the current refugee situation in Europe.

The link directs to the official British Red Cross page, thus Vanir International Ltd is not directly involved in receiving from, managing or transferring any kind of funds to the British Red Cross.

Thanks for your support

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